Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shhhh, Here Come The ...

Ahhh, man that feels good. I thought I'd bust. I've been
sitting on this one, and halfa hundred more of my choicest finger paint masterpieces for more than a year.
Pulling together a whole book, "My First Hundred Teefes", of Teefes living rich lives of their own.

Drawn on the Nexus 7 tablet we got from Google, a few of the somewhat bizarre drawings were drawn on top of warped television pictures. Drawing with a finger tip on a slightly less than 4x7inch screen doesn't lend itself to accuracy. It yields images so lumpy and crooked I still wonder why I like them so much. Turns out, the coarse brush and limited undo option pushed the "I meant to do that factor" to new heights.

I'd been drawing teefes blocks, Teefes to pose for drawings. I wanted to make a hundred of em, but even with a smooth cut from the scroll saw, sanding, drawing, and burning the drawings on took quite a while. I was pleasantly surprised when...

The Teefes achieved critical mass before I noticed. Somewhere between eight and eleven, I caught them out of the corner of my eye, and immediately knew they were up to something.

inja felt them wake up!    When Starshell spun away with Pinwheel, there was no stopping them. They surged into motion, trailing sawdust and a smokey smell.



Still in production, the paper first edition will have to play catchup. "My First Hundred Teefes", is already available on Kindle.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I told there was a bunch o them sneaky squid around here. We were having breakfast just yesterday when this sticky fiend snatched our toaster right out the kitchen window.

When my friend Consuela bagged this one sneaking out of the pantry just last night, I think it broke the belt, but no one wanted to empty it anyway.

Things have been tough around here all week. I guess they know the cold weather`s coming. This one got my cousin`s toaster at a picnic. The attack was so violent and unexpected, the plug was snatched right off his cord.

  Checkered table cloths seem to be particularly dangerous this time of year.

With many of the abductions occuring in broad daylight, a some even during meal-times.

Facing the mounting pressures of predation the plucky toasters have not simply retreated in desperation, but instead have begun to evolve some surprisingly innovative responses of their own. Though personally I don`t think this one has much of a future. It`s just too hard to retrieve the toast!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Appsolutely, yup, the finger paint qualities I ascribe to the free paint apps I been playing with on my Droid may indeed have more to do with my skill level than the capabilities of the afore mentioned apps. That said they still look like electric finger-paint pictures to me, cept I don`t have to wash up as often, and for the most part the colors don`t bleed on each other, and sometimes there is an opps button (sometimes.) It`s kinda like painting with a big blunt brush, or drawing with the blunt tip of your finger on a steamy little window where sometimes the won`t rub off. That said it does knock the serious of the process and lowered my expectations of getting what I thought I was going to draw enough to let me just tweak at it. Then I remembered what I really wanted to draw but still hadn`t gotten goo at yet. Squid, or to be more specific squid fighting toasters. Well I sure found my medium. With a thought or two about the strategic nessaty of distortion in interpretation, The blunt brush, simple palate, and arbritrary brush sensitivity, were just the thing to take the pressure off my squidses. Below are a few of my first efforts, but if you know squid, you know sou seldom just find one or two.

 I`m not really sure who was first, but I`m sure they`re more fun each time. Who knows maybe I`ll branch out other appliances someday, but for now I`m pretty focused on "Tha Grudge Match"
 I know it`s wrong to make the little stuff too important, but laundry quarters are serious business to some of us.

I don`t think the toaster to the right really has any use for change but once they got started I don`t think returning the quarter would have settled it anyway.