Saturday, November 13, 2010


I told there was a bunch o them sneaky squid around here. We were having breakfast just yesterday when this sticky fiend snatched our toaster right out the kitchen window.

When my friend Consuela bagged this one sneaking out of the pantry just last night, I think it broke the belt, but no one wanted to empty it anyway.

Things have been tough around here all week. I guess they know the cold weather`s coming. This one got my cousin`s toaster at a picnic. The attack was so violent and unexpected, the plug was snatched right off his cord.

  Checkered table cloths seem to be particularly dangerous this time of year.

With many of the abductions occuring in broad daylight, a some even during meal-times.

Facing the mounting pressures of predation the plucky toasters have not simply retreated in desperation, but instead have begun to evolve some surprisingly innovative responses of their own. Though personally I don`t think this one has much of a future. It`s just too hard to retrieve the toast!

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